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Remembering takes the reader through a story of loss, love, friendship, and heartbreak. Caelyn Price had never had as good of a friend as her twin brother, David. Just as their bond grew through a shared experience of diving, the Price family suffered a great loss. A brother, son, and friend was taken too soon. Caelyn finds herself, years later, struggling to find who she wants to be and where life will take her.


Entering college on a swim scholarship to Boston University, Caelyn joined her long-time best friend, Liam Carter, as a Boston Terrier. However, college proved a new set of challenges and trials for Caelyn. Here she struggles with the relationships in her life and moving through and past unforeseen obstacles. She will need to lean on the support of her closest friends to heal and move forward. With the anniversary of her brother’s death looming over her head, unforeseen news will rock Caelyn’s world. Will this be enough for her to find her voice? Will she lose her best friend? Or will she lose herself in the wake of it all? Remembering is the key to it all.

Remembering Ebook

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