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Fighting Words - Book Review

How R.S. Grey continues to write and publish the best books, I'll never know how! But you don't see me complaining!! Another five star read on R.S. Grey's latest release, and I want everyone to run and buy it right now. Fighting Words book review with some spoilers below:

Fighting Words is about a developmental editor, Summer, who travels to England to get a popular writer, Nathaniel, to work with her and finish his book series. Their chemistry is instantly electric and there were times I thought Nate's small cottage would catch on fire. The book takes you through both perspectives, and it's clear what they feel for each other from the beginning. However, Summer has this pre-planned outcome for her life with another guy back home who her family approves of. Nate is someone totally unexpected, but he might be everything Summer is didn't know she was looking for.

This book brought me out of a reading slump I hadn't realized I was in. The characters were so well developed, their banter kept me turning the page. The setting made me want to move England like yesterday. The themes of the book were perfect! I especially loved the writing/book themes. There were more than a few occasions that I audibly said "AWH" when I read certain parts of this book. It was moving, relatable, funny, and such an amazing read.

For anyone who has also struggled with meeting the expectations set out for you by your family or even felt a pressure to do something because you thought your family wanted you to do it, it will be okay. You need to chase after your dreams and passions to find your happiness. I can't imagine where I would be today if I didn't take that leap and change my major freshman year of college from pre-med to communications. I definitely wouldn't have finished Remembering, so I am forever grateful I listened to my passions.



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