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By H.B. Louise


Remembering takes the reader through a story of loss, love, friendship, and heartbreak. Caelyn Price had never had as good of a friend as her twin brother, David. Just as their bond grew through a shared experience of diving, the Price family suffered a great loss. A brother, son, and friend was taken too soon. Caelyn finds herself, years later, struggling to find who she wants to be and where life will take her. 


Entering college on a swim scholarship to Boston University, Caelyn joined her long-time best friend, Liam Carter, as a Boston Terrier. However, college proved a new set of challenges and trials for Caelyn. Here she struggles with the relationships in her life and moving through and past unforeseen obstacles. She will need to lean on the support of her closest friends to heal and move forward. With the anniversary of her brother’s death looming over her head, unforeseen news will rock Caelyn’s world. Will this be enough for her to find her voice? Will she lose her best friend? Or will she lose herself in the wake of it all? Remembering is the key to it all. 


Published December 14, 2020

Ebook - $9.99 

Hardback - $24.99

Paperback - $16.99

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"My eyes remained on David’s dive mask until I could no longer see the blue and black trim. I remembered the last day I had with him; it was probably one of the best days of my life, while this had to be the worst."

- H.B. Louise, Remembering

Inspiration for 

The inspiration for this book comes from many things: 

1. At the age of 16, I knew I wanted to prove my love for writing and share these ideas with my family. I never imagined it would get published because it started out as one scene. Then it became over 100 pages and then exceeded 250. It wasn't until I shared my final thoughts with my parents (after years of secrecy) that they encouraged me that I had nothing to lose. 

2. On a flight to French Lick, Indiana, with my family and best friend, I had an idea come to me as I was looking over the rural, Indiana landscape and occasional blinking lights. I pulled out my phone and wrote down the idea. 

3. I have never been to the East Coast, let alone Cape Elizabeth or Boston. Funny enough, I still haven't been to either. However, I knew that was where I wanted the setting to take place for this book. Although the setting is completely fictitious and of my own imagination, I wanted to select a location people could picture for themselves. 

4. Lighthouses hold a special place in my heart. I have been fascinated by them for as long as I can remember. I wanted to share my love for these landmarks and create a story that included my love for them and so many other things. 

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