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How am I editing for the last time?

This is me, H.B. Louise –

Long time no see everyone! These past several weeks have been very stressful and busy with school and my current internship. I found myself completely overwhelmed with turning in paper after paper like it was my job. During that time, I patiently awaited my edits from my editor and the October 31 deadline. To my surprise, my editor sent me the completed edits on Tuesday, October 27! I was completely shocked and excited to see them and so early too.

I made a mental note that I could not open my edits until I felt a sense of calmness from my schoolwork, and I think that was the best thing I could have done for myself. Obviously, I wanted to dive right in and pull an all-nighter to start the process. However, I also realized that I’ll never reach a total calm moment, so I just picked a time when I felt some things slow down. Waiting opened my eyes to how I wanted to approach this next process.

I will share my thoughts with you:

  • Have an open and accepting mind to the changes being made.

    • I am someone who DESPISES change, and I think this is what held me back from this part of the process for three years. However, I think I have grown so much as a person, a writer, and a student that I knew this was the right time to start this process.

    • Another point, change is inevitable. I knew that in order to make Remembering the best it could be, there were changes that needed to be made. Changes aren’t necessarily bad things and critiques actually make the project better! This last sentence took me a long time to come to terms with, but I am fully feeling the weight of that right now as I’m editing!

  • Be positive.

    • No matter the changes, I wanted to come into the final editing process as optimistic as possible. This was hard because I know not everyone will love my book and the work I put into it. However, I am at peace and will love the book I ultimately publish. Will there be things that I think could have been changed? Do I sometimes wish I would have included another chapter or five? Yes! But another thing to remember is that as a writer, you will ALWAYS see where you can improve or change something. Sometimes the best thing you can do is sit back and say, “This is enough, and I am proud of where it is!”

  • Understand that not everyone will be your cheerleader.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I have had many supporters who have helped me along the way. However, there have been some people who have not supported me in this process, and I have grown from these interactions. I have learned that it is important to approach this next stage knowing not everyone will love my work, support my journey, and understand why I did this. The important thing is, I love my work, I know why I went on this journey, and the reasoning for why I did this is for me and no one else. If I waited until everyone supported me and held my hand through the process, I would have never gotten here.

  • Be confident on why you did this!

    • This is simple. I did this for me. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and to publish a book for me. I grew up being an avid reader and always imagined that one day I would hold my own book and say, “I wrote this.”

  • Appreciate who helped me get here.

    • The list could go on forever, but some people are:

      • My parents—I love you both and thank you for your unwavering support and love.

      • My grandparents and grandma—who want to read this more than anyone else I think.

      • My sisters—they have heard me talk about my characters and answered frantic phone calls when I was scared if I made the right move to change a part of the story.

      • My boyfriend—by far my biggest cheerleader, and I am forever grateful. I have never had anyone believe in me like you do!

      • My friends—thank you for being a listening ear, my challengers, and confidants. You helped me piece together parts of my story, the editing process, and who I am as an author.

      • My editor—this part of the process has been quite the learning experience and I am grateful for your optimism and support in my story.

I am feeling positive and excited for the next part of the process and cannot wait to share more of my journey with you all.

With all my thanks and love, H.B. Louise



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