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Blushing in the Big Leagues - Book Review

This is me, H.B. Louise -

Another home run for R.S. Grey! I’ve never been into sports romance novels until I’ve read her books and she’s completely turned around my opinion!! Blushing in the Big Leagues is witty and fun, and I wish I could start it over again to read the banter for the first time.

First things first, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars! I received an eARC copy, in exchange for my honest review. Here we go...

Tate Allen, younger sister of all-star baseball player Luke Allen, is the perfect main character for this book. She has reservations and rules against dating baseball players, and she’s adamant she’s never going to break this rule. *cue the twist we all expected* An amazing and attractive athlete, Grant Navarro, joins the Pinstripes which means he now runs in their group of friends! These two are constantly drawn to one another and you keep turning the page wondering will they or won’t they. Well if you like those kind of books, this is a must read.

I loved this story, this book, the characters, their passion for their professions (baseball and nursing), and the familial relationships that were a constant throughout the book. Every relationship was explained in great detail and you truly got to know the characters. Let’s also just praise the way R.S. Grey creates these respectable males who make you fall in love with them from the get go. Also, her way of writing about the female protagonist is one of my favorite parts of her books. They are strong and determined and aren’t afraid to go after/speak up about what they want. Grant and Tate’s love story might be one of my favorites yet!! Another thing I have to applaud was the introduction of Grant and the friends!! I absolutely loved their friend group and weekly traditions. Seriously reminded me of my group of friends, so I was sold! p.s. I’m still SO in love with Harper, Chloe, and Luke.

All my love and thanks, H.B. Louise.



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