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People We Meet on Vacation - Book Review

This is me, H.B. Louise -

Those who know me, know I love Emily Henry. Henry has a way of writing that speaks to my soul, makes me feel all the feels, and confirms why I am a writer. Her characters are so relatable and all of them, that I've read so far, are writers in some capacity. I think that's why I feel she speaks to my soul - it's like the characters have something in common with me. Anyway, you all expect a book review so here you go...

This is your warning...SPOILERS COULD BE BELOW, so please do not read if you still plan on reading the book.

First thing's first, I gave the book a 5/5 stars.

Every Emily Henry book I have read, I have given it 5 stars. She is that good!! People We Meet on Vacation is no different. This book follows a vacation blogger, Poppy, and her best friend/teacher, Alex. Alex and Poppy have been best friends since college and have enjoyed taking vacations together whenever they each had a break. Their careers and life aspirations led them both on different paths, but one thing stayed constant - their friendship. Until one day it was over. Several years later, Poppy is asked about her happiness and her mind wonders to Alex. The two reconnect on a trip to Palm Springs where Poppy and Alex realize they have missed not only each other but a lot of life updates. Henry takes the reader through past and present storylines where you cannot help but turn the page wondering where everything went wrong. The protagonists friendship is what we would refer to as "goals," and their romantic connection is full of sparks.

I absolutely loved every second of this book. If you've checked out my Instagram, @booksbyhb, you'll see the Reel I put together of texts I sent people while reading it. I couldn't put it down. In one breath I was yelling at the main characters to just hash it out so that they could love each other openly, and then in another I was chastising them for being so ridiculous and blind.

Claps all around for Henry's creativity when it came to the Airbnb Poppy and Alex rented during their stay in Palm Springs. The close proximity only added to the suspense. Also the final straw with the air conditioning. Wow. Seriously one of the best written scenes on the balcony. Amazing!

100% recommend this book to anyone who loves dual storylines, friends to lovers tropes, and an easy/fun read.

With all my love and thanks, H.B. Louise.



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