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Water Under the Bridge - Book Review

This is me, H.B. Louise -

I had never heard of this author before, so this is my first book by Kels and Denise Stone. I actually came across this book from an ad on Instagram. Also, another book account I follow read another book of theirs so I thought I would give it a chance!

First things first, I gave the book 2/5 stars! This review contains some SPOILERS, so read ahead if you want.

Water Under the Bridge is about ocean conservationists, Avery Soko and Luca Navarro. Avery is skilled at fundraising and presentation strategy. She is honestly a great definition of Girl Boss, and I loved her ambition. Luca is the COO of Oceanic Research Organization (ORO) and is determined to make a difference. Combined, these two act like they are oil and water. In some cases they are, but their main goal is the same. It's hard not to route for the two to get together. When forced to work together, Avery and Luca's teams must join together to win a grant for their trailblazing innovation for ocean cleanup. This story proves that forced proximity always wins when two people are attracted to one another.

You might be wondering why me, someone who is very passionate about oceans, would have rated this book so low. One, I actually would consider giving this book a higher review because I liked the underlying themes. Where this book got me was when the two character finally got together. The pacing was too fast, and I was immediately turned away with how the language and interactions between the two main characters changed. It became too much, using words and phrases that made me uncomfortable. It just wasn't for me. I wanted the sweet, romance but I didn't feel that at all. It was almost raunchy? I don't know if that's too harsh a word to describe this, but I almost stopped reading it was too much. Also, I felt Luca was respectful the whole book up until Avery and him became an item. He became a major ick for me.

Kind of at a loss for words on how to explain the relationship, so read if you're interested in finding out what I mean.

With all my love and thanks, H.B. Louise.


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